Our Team

John Goldstein

John has worked in the professional methane joke industry for over 30 years. As a child, he aspired to be an artist, it was only when his parents said enough is enough that he decided to step up to the challenge and become Britain’s best prankster – no one has ever been able to touch him since without stepping in to one of his secret mud-pat drops.

Claire Manson

Claire is seriously clever. No matter what is thrown at her, she still manages to throw a water balloon back that will knock your socks off! Since joining Funnyman she turned all of our happy customers, into seriously happy, snotty and long lasting customers.

George Goldstein

George is the businessman behind the operation. The wand behind the cards, and the electric shock in the handshake. A shark in the water, and stinker in the toilet.

Joshua Harrison

Joshua is an awesome creative and an electronic wizard, its just a pity he absolutely stinks of hairy armpit smell, even after a shower! He ensures that we are on the cutting edge of technology by creating fake dog poop on your iPad that looks ultra slimy and wet!

Ready for a Water Balloon Fight?

We are seasoned professionals, who take our water balloon fights very seriously! If you are really brave, you can contact us here to arrange one today!