Trade Registration

General Message to Trade Customers: Welcome to our new website. We have invested a significant amount of energy and time into regenerating the Funnyman brand to instil a new lease of life, energy and fun into our treasured brand. The new website is designed to appeal to the young at heart in children and adults alike, and further build on our brand value, whilst providing our trade customers with a new, much improved and streamlined system to order our products. We hope you enjoy your visit, and invite you to leave your feedback on the pop-out icon to the right of the screen. Best regards, Funnyman Products

New Registration Requires the Approval of FUNNYMAN PRODUCTS

In order to use the Funnyman Products trade area of the website, we require you to first register with us. We will then verify you and when you next log in, you will be able to access our trade section, view our products and place orders through the website. Whilst registering, if you receive an error message regarding your email, please try entering the address in all lower-case letters first. This should resolve the problem. If it does not, email us and we will sort it for you faster than you can say ‘Magic!’